TV: AI4 – A Travesty

We all know that Anthony Federov should have been the one going home last night. Or at the very least Scott Savol.


So why on earth would America give Nikko the boot when he did a credible job and has been doing a decent job so far? I won’t lie that I loved his rendition of “One Hand, One Heart”, so I’m a little biased. But c’mon – he was definitely better than Scott or Anthony.

Anthony better count his lucky stars for his cheesy pre-teen fan base. Although I’m sure at some point even they’ll get sick of him picking horrible songs.

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  1. I agree that it probably shouldn’t have been the time for Nikko to go home. I truly thought Scott was going to get the boot. It only takes one vote for a person to stay.

    IMHO, Scott, Nikko, Anthony, Constantine, Nadia (even as much as I love her) all need to go. When they go, they can take Paula Abdul with them. I am sick so sick of her that I tape American Idol and watch it as soon as its over so that I may fast forward through her Seal Clapping and Annoying Voice.

  2. I’m not a Nikko fan, but I have a theory. As it proves the rise of the boy band, preteen girls [who are the bulk of the people voting] tend to gravitate toward the most sexually non-threatening boys then can find. How else do you explain the popularity of Shaun Cassidy in the 70s? The Backstreet Boys? Clay Aiken?

    Mark my words – Anthony Federov will be in this until the last four.

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