Turned in a Great OT Sheet Today

So this morning I turned in 14.75 hours of OT for the month of February. That ROCKS. That, in combination with my freelance project, means the Disney fund is up to over $2,000 now. Any day now I’m due $35 from Epinions, $65 from Bluehost, and another $235 from my paid blogging. That’s an additional $335. I’m due the first $200 payment for the medical stuff just before we leave. I’m sure I’ll be able to do many more paid posts over the next month. But even if I stop earning ANY extra money now, we basically have $2,550 for the trip to cover park tickets, gas/travel expenses, groceries in the timeshare, and miscellaneous spending. At this rate we won’t have to use ANY of our tax return or rebate check on the vacation and can allot that to pay for the additional preschool expense we’ll have starting Monday.

And how exciting that we’re now under 90 days for the trip!

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