Triple Coupon Grocery Gaming

I hit up Harris Teeter this morning who is having a triple-coupon weekend. Had a good shop – I’m able to use 20 coupons per shopping trip, and of the 40 coupons I took I was easily able to find a way to use 20 of them. I’ll take back the remaining coupons tomorrow and see what I can get. Saturday shops are always tougher because EVERYONE goes on the weekends.

There were also items on our grocery shopping list that weren’t necessarily on sale, but were items that we needed. Given that, I took advantage of triple coupons in order to get at least a slightly better price than I would have even though the items were not on sale.

In the end, I spent $41.57 for $100.54 in groceries, for a 58% savings. As always, sticking with my 55-60% average savings.

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