Trip is Shaping Up

Today I booked four tickets to see “Little Mermaid” while we’re in NYC for Thanksgiving week. A co-worker of mine just came back from a weekend in NYC where she saw the show and really enjoyed it. So I figured we’d give it a shot. I was able to get GREAT seats by getting them so far in advance, but WOW – NYC prices are just astronomical! For the amount I just paid for four tickets to one show, I could have bought two tickets to four shows here in Charlotte. Ouch.

And I’ve already booked the timeshare, so that’s all set. It should be a fun trip. I’m HOPING it’ll be relaxing and plan to have at LEAST two days where the kids and I don’t go any further east than good old Bloomfield, New Jersey and even then only for a few hours. I’m giving Denis carte blanche when we’re up there. It’s a chance for him to hang out as much as possible with his buddies for the week, so other than the play I’m not planning TOO much so that he can hang out.

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