I was driving home this afternoon and noticed a utility crew was working on taking down a tree that had toppled over on top of a house two blocks from us. I grabbed my camera and started snapping some shots. Here are two of them. I also met a young man who leaves in the neighborhood taking some shots too. He’s a good kid. And I’m jealous of him because he just bought a digital SLR. I have to sell a lot more houses to get one of those.

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  1. Hey, I am the good kid. I try. I gotta hang out with you and your neighbor sometime and we’ll talk cameras. See ya around .. nice site.

  2. Nice meeting you Andrew. The best in the new school year. Hopefully, we can get together with my neighbor Art one day. Enjoy that new camera.

  3. Miraculously, the house was not damaged in any way. When I drove by it last night after work it looked as though one of the large upper branches had torn through the roof, but when I drove by this morning the house was completely intact – no damage whatsoever. I’m convinced those power wires holding the tree in the second picture is what saved that house!

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