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When Denis and I plan vacations we always debate our method of transportation. In New York it was easy, because it almost always came down to getting a car rental. We didn’t own a car when we lived in Queens, so we rented cars a LOT if we had anything important to do. It was much cheaper than owning a car, that’s for sure!

Even after we moved to the suburbs we still had the occasion to rent a car. During vacations to New Orleans, Savannah, and Scotland we always rented cars. The only place we didn’t rent a car was in Amsterdam, but that’s because the train system is so amazing there it wasn’t necessary.

Sites like Advantage are great for travelers – especially since you can make reservations online. When Denis and I booked our trip to Disney, we briefly weighed the benefits of flying and renting cars but opted to drive the whole way in our own car. However, when we go to Quebec in 2009 we absolutely will be flying up there and renting a car for our stay.

Advantage has a lot of cool discounts including getting a free day’s rental if you fly with Sun Country Airlines. And you know what I love? They rent JEEPS. I can’t think of any other car rental company that rents Jeeps.

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