Tough Day

Okay, so today is a rough day at work. I got to my desk this morning and found a note from one of my bosses claiming that a project from last night was sent out without an attachment. I immediately wrote him back and said that I didn’t work on that project (which he should know since he TOLD ME WHO HE GAVE IT TO) and that my role was merely to print the letters and make fedex labels, per his instructions. Then I showed the attachment to the person who DID work on that part of the project and she said that he NEVER showed that to her and told her EVEN AFTER SHE ASKED TO DOUBLECHECK that she had all the materials.

Then I’m supposed to be working on this quarterly brochure that my company does. It was supposed to go to the printer in final form today but I haven’t even gotten the first draft yet for formatting in Adobe InDesign. And the guy looking at the document right now says it’s a complete mess and in need of a lot more work. I told him I’m willing to work late tonight to get it done, but cannot work late tomorrow and that I have company arriving on Friday. What is amazing is that the schedule for this brochure was sent out in late April – the guy writing the document KNEW it had to come to me on May 11 and go to printer on May 18.

That is my life today, peeps. Enjoy.

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