TOTALLY Curious Question

Bear in mind the answer to your first question after reading this post is, “I’m not!”, but here’s MY question:

What would Mare-Bear and Jen do if they found out I was pregnant and would be seven months pregnant at their weddings in December?

STRICTLY being asked out of curiosity.

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  1. I’d have to ask the bridal shop if the dress I picked comes in a maternity style.

    I couldn’t care less if you’re preggers at my wedding. And I’d be happy for the baby to come.

  2. DITTO to what Jen said!
    I already checked the dress situation and I’m sure we could work with another style bridesmaids dress that would fit a pregnant lady instead of the one I have for you – I know Lorelei and Irene wouldn’t care at all. I think it would be awesome to have another wee Cootie in the world!

    Are you? I know you say you’re not, but ARE YOU ?!?!?!?!
    *She rushes off insearch of J* ………..

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