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I’m getting a lot of David Cook googlers this week – last week someone posted a link to my post featuring that YouTube clip of Cook asking out Kim Caldwell and my traffic increased 400% that day. CRAZY. Love you, Cook fans!

I’ve also gotten a lot of people searching on Belmont Stakes, no doubt finding my posts in years past when I was able to cross the street to the OTB in Manhattan and place my bets. Not so anymore. So no more betting on Belmont Stakes because I’m not so into it that I have to sign up for an online OTB account.

I’ve also gotten a LOT of people searching for Nikki McKibben today. It’s my highest search term today. Was she in the news? Did I miss something? WHY would anyone in their right minds be searching for info on her now?

And yes, I’m still getting tons of googlers coming in looking for the Hot Barilla Pasta guy from a couple years ago. Heh. His name is Roberto Farnesi, for those that want to know.

Lastly, I still get TONS of people coming here looking for proof that Anderson Cooper is a gay man.

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  1. “…looking for proof that Anderson Cooper is a gay man.”

    Why? Do you know his boyfriend?

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