Too Many Chores

Yesterday I came up with a list of 26 items that needed to be done this week, this month, and this year. Last night we accomplished 1 full item and half of two items (we washed the baby, and Denis put two more of our new dining room chairs together while I put away HALF of the laundry). Two more chairs to go tonight and that chore is done. The remaining half of laundry put away tonight and that’s another thing off the list. Denis also hopes to give Cooper a bath tonight – that’s one more off the list.

Then we get to the larger tasks that are a bit more involved. Stuff like putting up the blinds in the sunroom. Stuff like renting a steam cleaner and cleaning ALL the carpets and rugs in the house. I’m hoping we can get a good portion of items on the list done before our annual White Elephant party in December. Luckily, the party is a week later than usual this year, so that’s an extra seven days to get stuff done. Too bad I’m not pregnant – that nesting instinct was pretty powerful in the last month of my pregnancy and I got a lot of stuff done around the house.

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  1. Glad you aren’t big and pregnant so you can actually move around and get things done. *lol*

    I folded half of the laundry and I put away all of my clothes, all of the baby’s stuff is stacked up on the bed (not sure where it goes) and I put away all the sheets and other stuff. The only stuff that needs to be put away is your stuff, sweetie. Ms. Procrastinator.

    I also want to vaccuum the carpet and clean the toilets tonight. Still lots to do.

  2. I think we need to look at our chore list again. Maybe one of the smaller blinds in the sunroom tonight. Or me washing Cooper. I think I have to do the second one.

  3. Considering the fact we’re going to the gym tonight, I think washing Cooper is about all you can get done tonight. But tomorrow night after I get home from the gym we can definitely do one of the smaller ones. Same on Wednesday. Thursday I have my race, so no go then. And Friday night we can put up the big one.

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