Tomorrow Will Be A Good Mail Day

According to UPS, I’ll get my new swimsuit in the mail tomorrow! I cannot tell you how excited I am. And even better – it looks like the rain will be gone Saturday – Monday night and I can take CootieBoy to the pool for a while each day! Yippee!!! That’s a good thing, considering that it’s then going to be rain for the next four days straight after that!!

I’ll have another good mail day next week when my new booth tent arrives. After doing lots of more research today I decided to get one a bit more sturdy, and more “vendor booth” looking. It’s also a pop-up canopy, which means it comes fully assembled and I just have to snap it into place and it’s done. No struggling with poles or fabric or footers. Just snap it into place and tether it to the ground.

As for the one currently crumpled in a heap on our back patio, we’ll put that one back up and will just keep it for personal use. We’ll just tether it down really well this time around instead of trusting that it’ll stay standing in a light breeze.

Mr. BIL just came to my desk and told me I could leave at 5 p.m. tomorrow if I wanted to, since he was out all afternoon. To which I replied, “I can only do that if New Attorney (I DO need to get a nickname for her) lets me.” He got wide-eyed, grinned and said, “Oh yeah that’s right! HA HA HA – you’re stuck here!!”

Tonight is band practice. I’m only singing this week and I think I already know all the songs, if I’m recalling the set list correctly. In other news (and I haven’t told Denis this yet), I’m currently watching an auction on eBay for a keyboard for my personal use with the church. I may have posted on this before, but I just don’t feel comfortable playing the current keyboard because I only play it once a month and never have the opportunity to just PLAY with it. Whereas if I had one of my own I could really mess around, find the sounds I love, figure out how to program it, and play more effectively for the band. I have a price in my head of what I’d be willing to pay (read: not a lot), and so far the keyboard is well under that price with less six hours left on the 7-day auction. I was watching one last week that ended up going OVER my price, so we’ll see what happens with this one tonight.

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  1. This week while CootieGirl is away I want us to do some gardening. Maybe even get rid of the ivy, but definitely do everything else we can do to get it back into a decent shape.

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