Today’s Grocery Shopping

Since I am working overtime after church tomorrow, I had to do my grocery shopping today. It took me forever to get all the coupons and deals together which I hate. I can’t wait until I have my Sundays back and can just consult the Grocery Game list again!!

Despite that, I did well. I only went to one store since the other three weren’t really having any good sales (actually, NONE of them are really having good sales).

Saved $36.
I spent $31.

WOO HOO!! I finally went over 50% again – that hasn’t happened in a while. I stocked up on cereal again because it was on sale and I had coupons. And what’s funny is that after I stocked up last time, thinking the cereal would last me until June because the kids rarely eat it, they suddenly fell in love with eating cereal and started scarfing it down. So my stockpile dwindled pretty quickly!!

Not everything I bought had a coupon or was on sale, but that’s the nature of the beast and I don’t mind considering the savings I DID get today.

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