Today’s Friday Five

Today’s Friday Five is just too good to pass up – especially since I’ve been feeling nostalgic for my old school days lately.

1. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Why? In elementary school it was math because I loved my teacher, Ms. Baker. She also taught the math kids some spanish (she loved all things from Spain). In high school it was speech, because I made sure 90% of my speeches were about The Monkees. In college it was history – I took one particular professor every semester during the entire four years because I loved his teaching style and his determination to challenge his students. He never gave me an A in all four years. But I got a lot of B+.

2. Who was your favorite teacher? Why? The same college teacher I just mentioned. Dr. Eastman. He was a FANTASTIC professor and everyone loved him, even though his classes were notoriously hard.

3. What is your favorite memory of school? Wow – I have a lot. I’ll say in elementary school it was watching my older sister get busted by our mom for cutting class at junior high to see me on “Olympic Day”, this day at school when all the kids participated in sports events. Mom showed up to support me and found my sister instead.

4. What was your favorite recess game? Double dutch jumping rope was always good, as well as Rockin’ Robin pattycake. But for really torturing people, I loved dodgeball (which was a Gym game, not recess).

5. What did you hate most about school? Homework. Getting up in the morning. My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. French, making fun of Ken Dausey for eating dirt during recess. She did it in front of the WHOLE classroom and I felt really bad for him. Because of her cruel words he was forever known as “Doggie Dausey”.

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  1. Geez…the one and only time I cut a class until college and I managed to get busted. The other memorable thing about that day for me was that I got flowers from a guy for the first time. Weird memory.

    Why is that your favorite memory? Surely you have better ones…

  2. You cutting class and getting caught was the first thing that popped into my mind, so I said that. But yes, I have lots of memories from ALL my schools, and it would be impossible to pick one!

  3. you have a wonderful site, there, kiddoes.

    i loved cootie, the game, when I was small.

    now i am big, and cooties ain’t the bomb so much anymore. but if i had a chance, then i’d make it work out. sometime.

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