Today’s Chores

Today’s chores were for me to clean my bathroom and for Denis to finish cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom. Denis was good and did his chore as soon as the kids went to bed and so our kitchen was spotless just in time for me to make French Toast for dinner (nothing tastes as good as breakkies for dinner). I lollygagged and watched tv and didn’t start cleaning my bathroom until 11:30 p.m.! However, I’m happy to report that my bathroom is officially clean. Well, mostly. I didn’t scrub the shower floor because you have to give the bubbles a certain amount of time to do their thing before you can scrub. I’ll do that tomorrow night. And I beat my midnight deadline by a few minutes to spare.

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  1. Finally! A sensible person who understands the beauty of breakfast for dinner. My husband thinks I’m nuts when I make biscuits and gravy for dinner. Commie bastard.

  2. Jaynee learned it from the feet of her mom. There is nothing better than breakfast food for Sunday supper. It can suffice for the main meal AND dessert if you make french toast or pancakes. Yum, yum! Sounds so good but so impossible as I have workmen in my kitchen right now.

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