To Spite Me?

Oh Carmen What’s-Her-Name Fans, are you voting for her to spite me for my non-loving words about Corey Clark or even JD Adams? Cuz there is NO WAY that Kim Caldwell should have been voted out as opposed to warbler Carmen. Carmen is NO GOOD. Even the JUDGES were shocked that Kim Caldwell was in the bottom three, much less booted out. Now, I’m not surprised she was in the bottom three, but IT WAS CARMEN’S TIME TO GO? Why are you prolonging it? Why are you subjecting us to MORE horrible singing each week?


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  1. Eh, doesn’t bother me either way. They both drive me freaking insane! Carmen will definatly go next week. Unless she is this years Nikki. EEK!

  2. My step-mom voted to keep Carmen just because she wanted to see Trenyce go—I’m telling you, my family would LOVE to see Trenyce be gone!

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