To Quote Last Comic Standing…”I Know Dog Puke Is Less Gross Than…”

CAT DIARRHEA. Yeah, I’m going there.

I got home from dropping off the kids at daycare and settled in at the computer to read a few emails and such, only to have Freddie The Cat come into the office, panting and squatting.

“FREDDIE!” I shouted in a menacing tone, hoping to make him clamp up. Not so. Little droplets of poop all over the place. I then chased him upstairs with the hope of cornering him in our master bathroom, where I locked him up LAST time he had digestive issues (our bathroom is large and has access to the master bedroom closet which has a covered litter box). He went under the bed and I had to use our Swiffer mop to poke him outta there (Swiffer mops do more than mop! They also poke diarrhetic cats. Bet they didn’t think of THAT advertising possibility!). FINALLY (after about 15 minutes of poking (and him attacking the Swiffer in retaliation)) he ran into the bathroom and I quickly closed the door.


He lumbered into the litter box and stayed in there for a few minutes, so I hopped in the shower. When I came out a few minutes later he was lurking near the tub, keeping his eye out for errant Swiffer mops. He wasn’t panting anymore, but rather than take a chance I decided to leave him in the bathroom/closet all day today. I’m sure Ginger the Cat will go nuts wondering where he is, but it’s for his (and mine, frankly) own good.

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  1. “You see – this is why they’re going to be the last cats that will ever live in the Cootie household.”


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