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In the next day or so you’ll receive an email from the folks at Blogathon to remind you to make your sponsorship donation. Just click on the Heifer link to the right in the menu bar. Click into Heifer’s catalog and you’ll see a list of the things you can sponsor. Prices vary, and as I said – if you charged an “uneven” amount (i.e., $5 or $15 as opposed to $10 or $20) I will be making up the difference with my own donation to Heifer.

And I’m happy to announce that I’m going to donate 30 cans of pet food to my local animal shelter – I’ll try to remember to take a camera with me to take pictures so you can see your sponsorship making a difference in my local area.

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  1. Great job on making it the whole 24 hours! I just made my donation to Heifer International, what a awesome organization. Thanks for adding the cans of pet food Jaynee, that’s such a good cause as well!

  2. I didn’t realize Heifer International supported all different kinds of animals AND even trees! What a great charity, Jaynee. Glad I could help, and glad you survived!! 🙂

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