To Friend Or Not To Friend, That Is The Question

I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t “friend” anyone on FaceBook if I wasn’t personally associated with them somehow. On MySpace I friended with people I didn’t know who were crafters, or musicians, or some such nonsense. They weren’t all personal friends. So when I joined FaceBook, since I decided to use my real name, I decided that I would ONLY friend people I knew. I’ve done pretty well. A couple women I know only from their visitation to this website have been friended, but it’s because I have emailed with them privately on a few occasions and feel I can trust them to know my real name.

So far I’ve not had any friend requests come from strangers. Until today. At least, I think she’s a stranger. We have two friends in common – one an actual friend of mine, and another a frugality blogger of whom I’m a big fan and comment on her website. Over the past couple weeks I’ve actually thought about unfriending the frugality blogger just beecause I DON’T know her on a truly personal level. I doubt she’d be offended if I unfriend her, just because it’s not like she knows me at all. So it’s awkward now that I’ve received my first friend request from a woman that I don’t know.

What to do…what to do.

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  1. I “unfriended” some relatives who had what I considered objectionable postings on their Facebooks. Facebook doesn’t notify people when you unfriend them, so it’s probably not a biggie for you to do that with the person you mentioned. She may never even realize it.

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