To “Boo” Someone

Never heard of this before. But apparently I got “Boo’d.”

Being boo’d involves receiving an anonymous bag of Halloween goodies and then passing on the favor to two other people within two days.

I have NEVER heard of this before. I just ended up with this bag with my name on it, with an explanation that I was boo’d. I’m supposed to put the sign up in my cube that I’ve been boo’d so that I don’t get boo’d again. I asked one of the paralegals if this was some southern custom which I wasn’t familiar with, and she laughed.

Last year I wasn’t boo’d, but I was new here and still didn’t talk to anyone much, so it’s no surprise that I got skipped.

Today on my lunch hour I’ll go out and buy some goodies and leave them for a couple folks. But I still think it’s very weird. Nice. But weird.

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  1. That happened to me, in my (southern) neighborhood for the first time last year. I came home & there was a 1′ tall paper ghost stuck on my front door with a bag of candy. I had to “ghost” three neighbors who did not have “the mark” on their door.

  2. We do it here in the midwest too…just don’t forget to put up that sign or you’ll get “boo’d” by someone else real soon….once it starts it gets around the office real quick!

  3. I bet Martha Stewart wishes she came up with it. I wonder what kinda mark you get if you just eat the candy and don’t cont. the whole “Boo’n” thing.

  4. That would be a v-e-r-y bad mark, Ace! Southerners don’t take kindly to rudeness! 😉
    Born and raised in Virginia, and never heard of this “Booing” tradition. It’s kind of cute, though!

  5. It is called “Spooked” in New Jersey. I got “Spooked” last year and I had to “Spook” three other people. :). I could not figure out who spooked me in the first place, but a friend finally came clean.

  6. Actually, I found the words that were left with my package. Here they are. Also like Cristsan said, you have to leave a drawing of a ghost on your door, so it doesn’t happen to you again.

    “Your hosue was spooked during the night
    By someone who wants to give you a fright!
    A bag of treats has been left fro you.
    Full of candy and yummy goodies too.
    Now it’s your turn to give someone a fright.
    Place 3 bags of goodies and 3 ghosts out during the night.
    You have only tomorrow night to spread the ghosts,
    So that the whole neighbrohood will be spooked to the most.
    Place a copy of this rhyme in each good bag you leave,
    So that the next house will know how to proceed.
    Once you’ve been spooked, leave your ghost on the door,
    So everyone will know to come no more!
    Now try to guess who has spooked you!

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