Tivo Continues to Rule

So we got a notice last week from DirecTV saying that our Tivo service was going to be upgraded with new features. Mainly appearing in the “Now Playing” list, the features included the ability to sort by alphabet (instead of date), the ability to put duplicate shows in a folder (i.e., all my episodes of “Veronica Mars” would be in a folder instead of among the other listings), and faster navigation in the menus.

The DVR in our master bedroom was upgraded this weekend and it’s awesome – now instead of flipping through numerous copies of Sesame Street, Blues Clues and Dora the Explorer to get to my ONE copy of America’s Next Top Model (shutup), all those shows are in their nice little folders and ANTM is a piece of cake to find (Kahlan’s gonna win – I loved her nature pic).

Our living room DVR hasn’t been upgraded yet, but I’ve been told by DirecTV that our model is eligible for the upgrade and we should see it in the next few weeks. :w00t:

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