The pop-in. You have to love neighbors that let you totally ring their doorbell and come in and hang for 30 minutes for no reason. It’s a great way to get Infant Son and Toddler Daughter ready to end the day. Let’s them terrorize someone else for a little while before they get into their jammies and settle into bed.

When I heard that Brandon and Jamie were going back to school this week I took CootieBoy over because I know how much Jamie adores CootieBoy. We hung out for about 30 minutes, during which time CootieGirl knocked over some stuff (a couple of picture frames and a small surround sound speaker) and pounded on the glass of Don’s huge (100 gallon?) fish tank, and CootieBoy threw pot pourri all over the living room floor.

Hey – better their house than ours, right?

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  1. hi – i have stumbled upon your blog and have even bookmarked it… so funny – i did a post on my site last week about the pop in!!!!

    in regards to your friends at least their floors will smell nice…

    if you are ever in nj – you can pop in…

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