Timeshare Letter

Yesterday we got our letter from the timeshare we’re visiting in a few weeks. It basically outlined the check-in/out times, the supplies in the suite, and a map of the property and general area. We’ll definitely have to buy some groceries once we get there since we’ll have a fully stocked kitchen to make our own meals.

I got an email from Cakes the other day, who told me that he and Wifey will be going to Homecoming as well – that’s awesome. He asked about hotels and I told him they could stay with us at the timeshare if they didn’t mind sleeping on a sleeper sofa for a couple nights. They plan on heading to Charleston, SC for their own possible land-hunt, I think. They are NOT made for NYC winters and want to get out of here as soon as possible. *lol* They were thinking about Miami the last time we spoke, but I think they would consider SC as well since it hardly ever gets too cold down there.

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