Time Keeps Ticking

When I was doing my freelance job last month, I used a kitchen timer to keep track of my time. I’d write down my time on a sheet of paper and when the project was done I manually added up my time to come up with my final number of hours to draw up an invoice. I wish I had known about Journyx Timesheetâ„¢, which is a FREE timesheet and expense management software. Yes, free – and for up to ten users at that. It seems to me that any small business that knows they won’t grow above ten employees would save a bundle by using something like that. I know I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation if I had used that!

The software doesn’t just track time and expenses, but can track absences and help with automated payroll. In my case, I wouldn’t need that, but just yesterday I was having lunch with a former co-worker who is now working for a 2-lawyer firm and was lamenting the “old school” way they do their invoicing and timesheets. That firm is the perfect candidate for Journyx – I predict once I tell her about it, if she can get them to try it out, I’ll be hearing a lot of Timesheet success stories!

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