Thursday in SoVA

On Thursday of last week Denis and I left in the afternoon and drove to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother lives in a very small town in southern Virginia – probably a population of 600 or so (if they’re lucky). We got turned around at one point within 20 miles of the restaurant where we were meeting and had to call for directions. Once we turned back the way we were supposed to go, a bat flew into the windshield. My immediate thought was, “Shouldn’t that bat have known we were coming? Having sonar and all that…”

We finally made it to the restaurant where my grandmother was waiting, and after a short, mildly disappointing meal we drove the two miles to my grandmother’s house.

My grandmother’s house is a small little 5-room house which more than suits her needs. However, when it comes to having guests it is rather limiting. In the end, Denis slept in one twin bed in one room, and I slept in a twin bed in another room. It was just as well since Denis was sick and coughing most of the night, whereas I was able to sleep like a log and not even a train running through the room could have woken me up.

We woke up in the morning and I attempted to show my grandmother that computers are good for more than just playing Solitaire, but her dial-up connection is so slow that it was almost pointless. But I did get to show her Cootiehog, Scratch Mittens, Cootiepie and even my sister’s site.

Denis loaded the van with the boxes of Blue Willow china that Grandma gave me (no one else in the family wanted it). Once we dumped our bags in the van we got on the road and headed for North Carolina.

Treacherous Mountainside Here We Come!

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