So all of you who live in NY/NJ – did you hear that HUGE thunder last night at around 4:00 a.m.? I’ve been told that there was also a HUGE strike of lightning, but I didn’t see that (although I think it may have been what woke me up because I heard the entire 10 seconds of thunder when it happened). It was phenomenal and everyone in my office ranging from Long Island, Weschester and NJ heard it at the same time. THAT is one mighty lightning bolt! I was surprised that Cooper didn’t wake up and freak out, and I’m also surprised that CootieGirl didn’t wake up. The one I’m not surprised about? Denis. He slept through the whole thing and didn’t wake up until *I* howled about 10 minutes later because of a charlie horse I got in my leg.

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  1. REALLY? I am so surprised that it didn’t wake me up. I am the lightest sleeper I know. Of course I did have all the window shut, the A/C on and a fan going in the room to circulate the air around. So maybe that is why I didn’t hear anything. I was a bit amazed to see that it rained last night as well. I need to check up on the weather more often. Do you happen to know where the “F”rightening bolt struck and if there was any damage?

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