Three TV Posts in a Row – Not Good

I just realized that I have posted three times in a row about tv shows. That’s not good. I watch way too much tv. I didn’t use to – I use to be out three times a week, out all weekend, and never watched tv. Then I got married and that all changed – what they don’t tell you about married life is that you are reduced to dinners together and then parting ways cuz he watches football/baseball and I don’t. Actually, this summer was different (but then, summers are re-run season, so who cares about tv?). We went out a lot this summer. Good times. But fall has arrived, and I have to admit that I love my shows. Alias, Angel, Buffy, Survivor, The Amazing Race, That 70s Show, Friends, Will & Grace, ER, America’s Funniest Home Videos (a classic that never fails to make me laugh) – these are just a handful of the shows I love to watch. I’m easily pleased.

But that’s not to say I’m not cultural – I still read a lot, go to plays, go to movies,…uh…uh…okay, so that’s all I do. But still – it’s more than just watching tv. Although going to a movie is like seeing one long tv episode. And that goes the same for a play. And reading is like the TV of your mind.

Ugh. I need to get out more. But not til re-runs are back.

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  1. Marriage had nothing to do with Jane’s TV watching habit. I think Jen will back me on this one. We I first met Jane she loved to lie on the couch with me and just watch TV. Then we got married, and all that changed. She lies on the couch and watch TV, I go on the Net or do chores. Why don’t you ask Jane about her video collection of TV shows from the early 90’s, before we got married. It’s a good thing I love you. *smooches*

  2. Denis, I totally back you on this one. We have always been a TV watching family. Mom, Dad and I watch just as much TV and always have.

    Jaynee, need I remind you of the Ackerman Brother story?

  3. I remember seeing varioud episodes of TV shows on video tapes that you own. Could you have some Seinfeld episodes on tape? Or had them? You probably taped over all your old TV shows with Buffy episodes. *grin* TV watcher!

  4. Okay, I do have some episodes of Seinfeld on tape. I also have a handful of Mr. Bean on tape. *suddenly points finger at Jen* But SHE has Star Trek on tape! Loads and loads of it! SHE’S the nerd! NOT ME! NOT ME!

  5. Okay. You’re both nerds.

    I married a nerd. And she calls me a Star Wars nerd. That’s the nerd calling the kettle nerd.

  6. I did tape Star Trek – TNG. I admit it, but I haven’t bought the video sets of each season and probably won’t. Unlike some who have their favorite TV show on DVD *Buffy*…

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