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Okay, so tonight is the Friends finale. I’ll be taping it, since it’s on against Survivor, which is (surprisingly) more important. Tonight’s the night that *my prediction* Big Tom gets the boot. Jen and I got in a big Survivor discussion last week and we’re convinced he’s the next to go because the two couples aren’t ready to vote against each other yet until next vote when one of the couples is vulnerable due to Immunity. So out goes Big Tom, who I doubt will win Immunity tonight.

Anyway, Friends is ending. I’m sad – I’ve always been a big fan of the show, even in the later years when I wasn’t a faithful viewer. I still always tried to watch the repeats when I could. I love Friends as much as I loved Seinfeld – both of those shows are brilliantly funny and highly quotable. With Friends I picked up the MANNERISMS of the characters, whereas with Seinfeld I picked up quotes. I’m glad Friends will always be in syndication – it’s a great show that will be missed.

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  1. Well if something happends to your recorder tonight, you can always wait till Tuesday when the release the Friends Season Finally on DVD.

  2. Man, I must be the only guy who never liked friends.I tried to like it….but failed.

  3. Philly, you aren’t the only one. There are only two or three good lines on that show in the ten years it was on. And all the characters are forgetable.

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