Thoughts on “Snow White”

So I joined CootieGirl for a few minutes of “Snow White” and had a couple thoughts.

1) In the scene where Snow White finds the dwarves’ home and cleans up then explores the house she has about 3 dozen wood critters with her – a couple deer, several rabbits and easily 2 dozen chipmunks. My immediate thought was “that’s so unrealistic – there’s no way ANYONE would let THAT many feral animals in their house.”

Yeah, then I remembered I was watching a 50-year-old CARTOON.

2) My other thought was when the dwarves returned home and were scared because their house was cleaned up. They decided the bedroom needed to be searched and made the decision to send up Dopey. Now, I’m sure 50 years ago that was considered cute, but my 2005 mind couldn’t help but think, “There is NO WAY that Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks could get away with sending the mentally impaired dwarf upstairs.”

I know, I know. Look away from the idiot posting. :huh:

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  1. The mentally impaired dwarf? That totally cracks me up!!! I don’t think your posts are boring at all. I am 2 hours into a 12 hour shift at work, you are keeping me entertained!

  2. Holy cow, Colleen! I have your blog bookmarked to go visit today to keep me awake (you’re the one with the games, right?)! That’s hilarious!

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