Those Movies Were LONG

So today I played the ‘Mary Poppins’ DVD for CootieGirl. For the most part she sat and enjoyed it, but that movie is over 2 hours long. Obviously kids in the 60s were better equipped to sit through long movies than kids today, whose movies average 80 minutes if we’re lucky!

CootieGirl loved all the musical numbers and when the movie was done she said, “Again!” But I didn’t play it again because while it’s a fun movie it’s not nearly as entertaining as ‘Shrek’, which I can watch over and over again without going insane.

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  1. Well, back in the old days, when a movie like Mary Poppins played in theaters, mommies took their kiddies who were at least 5 or 6 yrs. old. Videos and DVDs weren’t even available so a movie such as Mary Poppins wasn’t intended to hold the attention of a 2 yr. old. The fact that it held CootieGirl’s attention for that long says a lot about her attention span, as well as the movie’s interest.

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