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I just realized I’m woefully behind on reading books this year. I’ve only read NINE books so far this year. That’s atrocious! In 2007 I read 23 books which means that by this time last year I had read at least 2-3 more books up to this point.

I had better get crackin’ and stop skipping lunch (which is my main time for reading now).

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  1. You beat me by 3. So far, I have only read 6 books this year. I am counting the Spiderwick Chornicles as 1 book instead of 6 since they are sorta chapter books. Also, I didn’t count the few chapters I tried to read of: “The Golden Compass”… just aweful that book.

    Thanks to you, I read the entire Twilight Series and am now a big fan of Stephenie Meyer’s and am reading “The Host” (my 7th book) and will pick up the fourth Twilight book in August.

    Funny, I thought to myself yesterday… “isn’t it about time for another Harry Potter Book. :…( too bad those are finished.

  2. Since I got internet and HD TV my reading has plummeted. Maybe 20 – 30 minutes at bedtime, and that’s it.

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