This One Time, At CB’s Afterschool Program…

Actual conversation from earlier this week:

Denis: Did CootieBoy tell you what happened at his summer program today?

Me: No. (turning to CB) What happened?

CB: Nothing.

Denis: Actually, he swallowed a game piece while playing “Battleship” and it got stuck in his throat. They had to give him the Heimlich.

Me: WHAT??????!!!!!

CB: It wasn’t that big a deal.

Me: ….

CB: It was in my throat. But I could still talk.

Me: And what did you do?”

CB: I told a teacher it was stuck in my throat.

Me: And so they did the Heimlich?

CB (matter-of-factly and a bit annoyed that I keep talking about it): Yeah.

Me: And so I guess the lesson learned is?

CB: Don’t chew on pieces from Battleship.

Me: Um. Okay.

The End.

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