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1. SO HAPPY that Camille is finally off American Idol. But HELLO AMERICA – why on earth were Jasmine and Diana in the bottom three with her? RH John and Elvis Jon needed to be there with her!

And rock on to George and Latoya being in the top three group!

2. The Swan – I wasn’t going to watch it, but decided to watch a bit of it. The woman that got chosen as the “winner” of the first episode – what do you predict her jerk of a husband will be gone from the scene by the time the finale airs? If my husband ever called me “average” he’d have a lawyer calling him – I don’t care how fat and wrinkly I’ve become. I have a feeling he knew once she was chosen that his days of having a better-looking wife than him would get worse. Even before her transformation she have done a LOT better than him. Just goes to show you that low self-esteem makes people SETTLE instead of believing they can honestly get a good-looking person to think they are attractive.

3. The Bachelor – the fake extra rose was an obvious set up so that QB Boy could have his spy in there and still chose from 15 girls as all the other guys got to on previous editions. Which makes me think the spy is Katie, the girl he “accidently” gave the rose to – simply because he knew it wouldn’t hurt her feelings to do that.

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  1. Totally agree about AI3… glad Camille is gone but was shocked to see Diana and Jasmine in the bottom three. The Jo(h)ns really need to go.

  2. if you want to know who the spy is, check out the forums on televisionwithoutpity, it’s been leaked….
    Word up on Camille getting the boot!

  3. Thought the “Swan” was pretty good myself. I am looking forward to next weeks episode, I just have to remember that its going to be on on Monday nights.

    As for AI, they didn’t mention what group anyone else was in. So we really don’t know if George was in the top three or not. They just told us who was in the bottle three. If they told America who was in the top three, it could sway future votes.

  4. I didn’t watch The Swan, but my boyfriend said the exact same thing about the husband. What a jerk! He predicted that now that she’s looking good, has self confidence, etc. that he’ll be getting divorce papers pretty quickly!

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