THIS JUST IN: Boss a Complete @ss

Okay, so I freely admit that I work in an office of freaks. I’m fortunate that I have three bosses who are really cool and for the most part don’t hassle me. I do my work in a timely manner, they appreciate it, we move on. That’s how it works.


I’m sitting at my desk talking with one of the Associates about the fact that Yahoo Mail has been upgraded this morning and now users of that email system now have a full GB of memory for storing emails. He and I were passing along the jargon back and forth – megabytes, memory, gigs, etc. And one of the Bosses (not one of mine, thankfully) comes out from his nearby office and says, “What are you two talking about?” The Associate filled him in saying, “I use Yahoo Mail to email with my friends – I don’t use the Company email system, and they upgraded our memory today so we have lots of space for email storage.”

And Mr. Nosey Fussbudget Boss says, “Okay, well you realize that’s against Company policy – that you cannot use Company property for personal work or use outside email programs for Company business because we need to track everything.”

The Associate (almost laughing) says, “I only use Yahoo Mail for personal emails – I don’t talk to my friends about my job.”

Mr. Nosey Fussbudget Boss says, “Well, that is the one caveat.”

But you know what’s funniest about that conversation? The fact that EVERYONE KNOWS that 75% of what Mr. Nosey Fussbudget Boss does at the office is personal. Whether he’s saving pictures of his horse on his C: drive, or yelling at his daughter on the phone, or FedEx personal packages to his house – it’s ALL PERSONAL. In fact, sometimes he goes so far as to put clients on hold in order to take a call from his interior decorator or horse trainer.

As soon as Mr. Nosey Fussbudget Boss went back into his office, the Associate and I just looked at each other in amazement and silently laughed it off.

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  1. Hilarious. And don’t you know that it’s do as they say, not as they do? Come on, bosses are always exempt from company rules. */sarcasm*

  2. I know I am a day late on this, but what I find ironic is that you are using your company computer to tell all your friends about your work and you boss…. Didn’t you hear that was against company policy?


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