Thinking About A Redesign

So I’m contemplating switching from Greymatter to Moveable Type. Greymatter is good, but MT has a bit more flexibility to it that I like. I’ll probably wait and do it after CootieGirl arrives, since I won’t be working and can do it during her naps.

So the next thing to wonder is should I just pay the $40 to have them install it for me or come to blows with my computer trying to figure it out for myself. I’m not a techie by any means, and the thought of struggling with all that cgi-bin crap is not appealing.

But then once it’s installed I have to get the Greymatter entries imported into MT, which I’ve read can be tricky. But hopefully at that point I can get Denis to figure that out for me using the MT instructions which are complete gibberish to me.

Then the last thing to wonder is what kind of new template will I use? The “standard” MT formatting is pretty bland, if you ask me, and I like Cootiehog’s style. But I’d love to have something really modern and funky. I’ve been surfing other MT sites trying to get ideas and for the most part everyone uses the bland standard stuff. BORING. So I may just stick with what we have now but change the color scheme again in honor of summertime. Maybe something beachy art deco?

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  1. Beachy art deco makes me think of run down old Florida (no offense to any Floridians who visit here).

    You’ve done the pink/blue and yellow/orange thing. You can go green, purple, taupe, etc.

  2. Hi Jane & Denis:

    Congratulation to the soon to be sleepless new parents. Say hello to Denis’ family for me.

    Jim “from the old neighborhood” Man

  3. You might want to check out pMachine…. I’ve tried to install MT a couple of times but just couldn’t do it. pMachine, however, was a piece of cake. I’m loving it so far. Oh, and it was VERY easy to move all my entries (and comments too!) from GM to pMachine.

  4. Jim, thanks for the good wishes. I know you know sleepless nights. Keep checking back at Cootiehog for the latest CootieGirl news. Maybe we’ll get together in a few months. Sorry for taking so long to respond to your post. Kind of busy, as you can imagine.

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