Things To Do During Blogathon

My priority tonight will be to read the latest Harry Potter book. I plan on starting that around 2 a.m. with an eye on finishing it by the time the Blogathon is over.

Second priority is to take a frickin’ shower. No, I haven’t showered yet. I told you I needed a “stinky” icon for today!

Third priority is to continue laughing at my kid. She has her mouth stuffed with an ENTIRE Thin Mint cookie and wants another one. I told her she had to finish the first one and she quickly chewed and swallowed it and then urgently said, “Mama! Please! COOKIE!”

She’s now laying on her belly near the top of the attic stairs and is hollering out for Denis. “Daddy! COOKIE! DADA!!! *stops to lick chocolate off fingers* “Daddy!” And now is running back to me for another cookie.

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  1. I haven’t read the new one yet because I’m trying to reread all the old ones before I do. Right now I’m about 1/3 through Book 2!
    I love HP, but I’m a super-slow reader. Maybe I’ll go at that tonight, too.
    Oh and please, not that I think you would, but if you must post spoilers, label them and I won’t read them, but I’d be so sad if I read them accidentally.

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