Things Are Moving Along

Not much going on, but we’re busy.

Denis leaves tomorrow for a quick trip to NYC to see his family and friends. He’ll fly back on Saturday. We managed to get him some super-cheap airfare ($125 round trip including all fees/taxes), and he’s staying with a friend ($0) so all in all it’ll be a cheap weekend for him.

The kids are doing fine. CootieBoy went to a friend’s birthday party this past Sunday. The birthday girl is sort of his “girlfriend” and he was upset when he couldn’t sit next to her during cake time. So everyone graciously shuffled chairs so that CB could sit next to his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Very cute – I wish I had taken a camera to take pictures. Hopefully the girl’s mom will have a couple to share with me.

We didn’t do anything for V-day. We never do. Not one for greeting card holidays, you know. However, my parents did give the kids some stuff, so they didn’t go without. On the way to the birthday party on Sunday CB asked me about V-day, and I told him it was a day set aside to tell people that you love them, and he said, “But we do that EVERY day!” and I said, “Yes, yes we do,” and was very proud that he gets it already at the age of 5 1/2. Of course, CootieGirl was upset she didn’t get more candy. *lol* I fear she may be the girl who coos over the 1 carat diamond but secretly wants a 2 carat diamond. Woe to the boy that dates HER when she’s a teenager.

I’m working on a freelance project right now that is painfully difficult. The audio quality is NOT good and what should have only taken two hours to type took four hours. In addition to this project another client of mine contacted me about some work, and I know on Wednesday I’ll probably get an email from a third client who has been giving me weekly work for about a month now. So I’m swamped. But with any luck I can get these things done AND get a nice payday before I leave for Utah next week.

UTAH! NEXT WEEK! Hard to believe the time has finally come. Nine more days.

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