They Stole Our Name!

How dare they take our name!.

So Jennifer Garner had Ben Affleck’s baby and had the NERVE to name her Violet. That is wrong in SO many ways because now if we do have another little girl and name her Violet then everyone will think we’re copying Jen and Ben. And while I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Garner WE PICKED OUT THAT NAME FIRST.

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  1. Here are the rankings for Violet from the Social Security database:

    Popularity of the female name Violet
    Year of birth Rank
    2004 590
    2003 585
    2002 611
    2001 662
    2000 741
    1999 849
    1998 907

    Watch how it will shoot up in 2006.

  2. I laughed out loud when I saw that Bennifer2 chose Violet. Bwahahahahahahaha. Foiled!

    Laurel I like.

    Now that kids are back on my radar (although still not for 2006) we’ve got names rolling around. I’ll be interested to see if we end up with similar names picked at some point.

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