They Caught Him

We got word today that the police caught the guy that broke into our offices. They found his fingerprint in the criminal database. When they went to his apartment to arrest him he ended up confessing to the whole thing.

Apparently he wanted cash and thought the IT Guy’s locked office meant something valuable was in there. I guess the idiot doesn’t know what THREE LAPTOPS are worth more than whatever my company has in petty cash at any given moment.

What’s amazing is that out of ALL the fingerprints on those doors they managed to pull the ONE that nabbed the guy.

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  1. Guess the cops did know what they were doing…

    Q: If nobody can get in without security clearence to that part of the building, how did he manage to do it.

    I mean, I guess if he is a thief then they have their ways…

  2. So much for your CSI fingerprinting knowledge. Sometimes the police know how to do their job that is what they get paid almost nothing to do.

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