They Call it Xanadu

Maybe it’s because I loved the movie so much, but I have a lot of dreams that including me on roller skates. In fact, I had one just last night. And technically, this dream qualifies to go in my journal of celebrity dreams since it had Mike Piazza in it. But I’m not going to bother writing it up since he really only had a cameo in it instead of a starring role like my Matt Damon dreams that I enjoy so much.

But in this dream I had last night, I dreamed that I was skating in the competition of a lifetime – and it was beautiful. Just call me the Sarah Hughes of the Rollerskate. Cuz I was on in this dream. I wish that I had written down the entire dream as soon as I woke up – I could remember every vivid detail. But sadly, dreams tend to fade as you wake up more – and especially if you go back to sleep, which I did. All I know is that I did well in the competition, then had to leave because my alcoholic father needed a lift to rehab. Bear in mind: in real life my dad is a teetotaler, so I don’t know where that came from. Maybe some bad movie-of-the-week I tried to forget I watched on TBS?

In other news, this morning I took our car to the shop to be fixed. It took forever to find the stupid shop. Why does Northern New Jersey feel it’s important to start building numbers over when you get into a new town despite the fact that the road name remains the same? I can’t tell you how many times I got up to 900 Bloomfield Avenue before it flipped back down to 45 Bloomfield Avenue. Okay, I can tell you – it happened four times.

I also picked up the rental car we’ll use until our car gets fixed. It’s a Dodge Stratus, and I can tell you right now, after driving it 6 whole miles. I don’t like that car. You can’t feel the speed of the vehicle. At one point I thought I was driving under the speed limit of 55 – I looked and saw I was actually going 75. NOT good at all. Then I slowed down to 55 and felt that the snails were passing me. I want my car back now!

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