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Today is a “do nothing” day for me. Not really – I’ve been doing things, but they are passive things for the most part. I had to finish up a small freelance project this morning because they wanted the completed file by 3 p.m. this afternoon. While I was doing that I got some laundry started, ripped a couple books on CD to my hard drive, and packaged up two packages that had to be mailed today (one was a surprise sale from my Etsy shop which I got last night, another is something my cousin left here when she came in town to interview).

But I didn’t want to go to the pool today (especially since I got another mild sunburn hanging out at the pool yesterday). I don’t want to go to the library. I don’t want to go to the grocery store. I don’t want to go outside – I want to be a hermit today as much as possible.

But these kids aren’t getting that. Oh, they were content to watch TV for a while – but that got old. So they began playing. And making messes. And pestering me for food (with all the physical activity they’ve been getting the past couple of weeks their appetites have increased exponentially). They are now “racing” up and down the stairs with a couple of their stuffed animals. The TV is off because I’m recording two movies at the same time (YAY for free premium channel weekends on DirecTV!), so they can’t watch right now.

This weekend is a busy one since it’s my 40th birthday AND Father’s Day.  Denis and I have opted to go to dinner and a movie on Sunday night since we don’t have small group.  But tomorrow I’m sure we’ll be out and about since it’s supposed to sunny and bright (I predict early morning pool time).

And so today I just want to hide out.  Do nothing.  Go nowhere.  Just chill.  Is that asking too much?

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  1. I plan to! I have a couple hours of work of freelance to do, but other than that, my only plan is to head to the pool for a couple hours (probably tonight rather than during the sunny day).

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