There’s No Other Way to Say It: Holy S%#*!!!

That Wii? KICKED MY BUTT last night. I’m SO IN LOVE with Ivory and I am VERY sore this morning.

When I got home from band practice I immediately went in while Denis drove over to the gym. I’m absolutely convinced I got the better workout. For the next 2-3 hours I played tennis, baseball, and bowling. I boxed (and won) three matches. I played golf for a bit (I’m not good – I golfed 16 over par!!!). By far the two games I loved the most were boxing and tennis. Tennis – my oh my. I wish I could play like that in real life. I ROCK. *lol*

I was absolutely sweating as though I was really on the court – by the end of my fourth match I was a bit out of breath. I’m ABSOLUTELY going to lose weight with my Wii – even if I don’t get Wii Fit. Wii Sports is enough!!

I can’t wait to get linked up with the other people I know that have Wiis (Ace, Amy and Katie being the main three right now) so that we can play against each other.

I messed around with Wii Play for a while, and yes it’s fun, but not nearly as much as Wii Sports. I LOVE Wii Sports.

After dropping the kids off at daycare this morning I debated – hop on the computer like I always do, or play tennis? Guess what I opted for? Yep – tennis. Three matches. I worked up a nice sweat this morning just in time for me to go take my shower and get ready for work.

I love Ivory. Possibly even more than Scarlet.

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  1. Right before I went to bed about 12:30 last night, I walked by my tv and was like I’ve GOT to play tennis at least once today. I ended up playing a few games. I love the tennis as well but it makes you work for it though, doesn’t it??

    Amy@P2Ps last blog post..Pool update

  2. BRING IT ON!!!!

    I will be home this evening trying to figure the blasted thing out with all the fancy friending request I think I have to make. I should be set up. So call me when you want to go one on one. My name isn’t ACE for nuttin.

  3. Then send me your codes – send it to cootiehog at gmail dot com. I found out last night that the only way to play other people is to have the wi-fi games. I don’t have any wi-fi games YET, but when you send me your codes send me a list of the games you have and if there are some that are on my “to get” list I’ll see about picking them up so we can play!

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