There’s Good Reality TV, and There’s BAD Reality TV

I see Denis posted below about reality tv. I have made a decision about my life and reality tv. As we all know, I’m a complete reality tv junkie. But I’ve discovered recently that I have a limit of what I can stand to watch (hard to believe, right, Denis?). Here are some examples:

GOOD Reality TV: Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Mole, American Idol

OKAY Reality TV:: Cops, The Real World, Road Rules, Fear Factor

GUILTY PLEASURE Reality TV: The Bachelor(ette), Joe Millionaire, Blind Date

BAD Reality TV: Temptation Island, The Surreal Life, High School Reunion

ARE YOU KIDDING ME IS THIS REALLY ON TV? Reality TV: Are You Hot?, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

This last category is so bad, I’m surprised it’s even on the air. What numbskull thought it would be enjoyable to see Melissa Rivers dump roaches in her pants? Or see Lorenzo Lamas dressing 30 years younger than his age and daring to critique men much hotter than he?

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