The Wolves Come Out For Lunch

So I’ve been tasked with finding a new lunch system at my office because everyone HATES the lunches we have brought in. Monday is Pasta day, and typically it’s not that good. Tuesday used to be Cold Cuts day, but now we’ve been ordering Cuban food and it sucks. Wednesday is “Free for all” day – meaning we have a menu that we pick our own food from. Thursday is Chinese day, and the food is almost universally tolerated but not enjoyed. Friday is Pizza Day, which is great, except the pizza they have brought it in so greasy that we all use 10 paper towels pressed on a slice to take up all the grease.

So a co-worker alerted me to Seamless Web an online service that allows companies to have food ordered via email and delivered at a set time. I signed up as a guinea pig for an individual account and tested it today and it was perfect. I ordered my lunch and within 30 minutes I was sitting down to enjoy my meal. The food was hot (rare for delivery in this area of town), tasted great and was a decent price.

So my boss had me send out an email to the obvious interested parties (about 15 folks) and ask for them to tell me their top six picks for restaurants. Now, normally when I send out an email about anything company-related I am completely ignored, but send an email out about lunch? I got almost a dozen responses within 10 minutes, and I’m not even kidding. Lunch is IMPORTANT around here.

They won’t be so happy if they find out that my boss is considering lowering our usual $10 limit to $8 to account for the fee we pay Seamless Web to coordinate our lunch everyday. But for now, they are on cloud nine at the thought of actually getting rid of Pasta, Cold Cut, Free For All, and Chinese days (we’d keep Pizza day but I’d see about rotating in someplace other than the one we use to see if we can cut that grease content down at all).

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