A Jersey Vacation

I’ve mentioned before about our trip to New Jersey in November for Thanksgiving. We’ve gotten our timeshare all set up, and we’ve made tentative plans to visit some friends and old neighbors while we’re there. When looking into things to do, I’m kind of sad that we’re going so late in the year – Morey’s Piers (one of the best New Jersey waterparks around) will be closed.

A few weeks ago I saw the Piers featured on a show on the Food Network. You know that show “Dinner: Impossible”? Well, Robert Irvine had to make a gourmet meal for several hundred workers at Morey’s Piers using ONLY ingredients he could find in the various pier vendor huts! Very cool (and believe it or not he pulled it off). Watching the show it made Morey’s Piers look like a great place for a family beach vacation.

I wish Denis and I had taken the time while we lived in New Jersey to check it out. It wasn’t any longer of a drive than if we had headed to Atlantic City (which we did a few times before we had kids).

Side note – the Morey’s Piers website is awesome. Not only do they have information on hotels/motels where you can stay, but I just found a page on which you can search for rides based on height restriction. Disney World offered the same thing, but I like the way Morey’s Piers has it set up better. The MP site literally gives you a list of the rides your child can ride, as opposed to a generic list of EVERY ride on which you have to find the ones your kid can ride. Much more user-friendly! Their website also shows the daily specials that they offer, like fireworks night, all-you-can-eat days, xtreme ride passes. All You Can Eat days? Man, I bet Denis would have loved that!

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  1. Jaynee —

    Morey’s Piers are great (there are three different ones along the boardwalk). We just got back from spending four days in Wildwood Crest, NJ. The kids would love all the rides and waterpark, games, etc. Every Friday they have a fireworks display (which can be seen from anywhere on the Boardwalk) that is fantastic. If you have AAA, you can get discounted tickets for all three piers from the website or from the local AAA travel store. Best of all the ride pass (which you can replenish with tickets), unless you buy a wristband or day pass, never expire.

    If Denis likes xtreme rides, well then, he will love this place. I got dizzy just looking at them

  2. Morey’s Piers is awesome! I have been hearing about Morey’s Piers and am planning to visit soon. I love learning about new things to do in New Jersey. People make fun of Jersey all the time, but contrary to popular notion, there’s so much to do!

    It’s so hard to find new things to do though — I also sometimes want to deviate from the usual of going to the mall, amusement park, movies, etcetera. I found this site that lists different events in New Jersey, and what’s great about it is that it lists hard to find events like fairs and festivals. It also lists the contact information of the event organizers. You also get access to the community who, like you are seeking events in New Jersey as well.

    The site is kangalope. Check it out if you’re looking for new things to do — sign up for frequent updates, too. I save time by getting the updates so I don’t have to log on the site every time.

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