The Wine Tasting

I never did talk about the wine-tasting party that Denis and I went to on Saturday night. It was a social event for our church life group. I made my mom’s Orange Almond Muffins as my dessert contribution, and Denis made French Toast Cupcakes. We got there around 6:45 p.m. and enjoyed appetizers and good conversation for a couple hours. Each couple brought a bottle of wine (we took a bottle of David Bruce shiraz). The wine was put into a bag to keep it anonymous, and then each couple tasted each wine and ranked the appearance, smell, and flavor of the wine. We had five wines total to sample. At the end the wines were ranked.

I don’t drink wine, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I hated ALL OF THEM. *lol* But I ended up giving my highest score (which was in the 50th percentile on the total number of points available) to the one one that came in second (a Robert Mondavi wine), and rated the winning wine as my second “favorite” (if you can call it that) (it was Yellow Tail). Our David Bruce came in third out of five. Right in the middle of the pack. And ours COULD have been in second place – it only lost out on that by about .25 of a point! I knew which bottle was ours (I saw the cork) and could have cheated and given it a higher score, but I stayed honest which resulted in a third place finish.

So if anything, the evening confirmed that I pretty much hate wine. No surprise there.

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  1. Next go round… take “Sterling’s” Cab Sav. Its realy yummy. Even better than “David Bruce’s” Shiraz

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