The Whole Free iPod Thing

Okay, so I’ve had the link for the free ipod on this site for a while. Granted, I don’t get tons of visitors each day, but I do get a few. And a few have clicked on the free ipod link and signed up.

But what they haven’t done is complete an offer. Only one person has done that, and I have about 15 people listed as signing up under me.

Folks, in order to help me get the free ipod, you need to actually complete an offer. Sign up for’s 14 day trial and cancel on the 12th day. I’ll still get the credit. Sign up for BMG music and cancel once you’ve received the first shipment that completes your commitment. Sign up for Blockbuster Online if you don’t already have a Netflix membership. Sign up for and do your mail postage online instead of standing in line at the post office. There are plenty of offers worth considering, and they will all help me get the free ipod.

I’ve been visiting other blogs and by now I’ve seen at least a dozen people that have received their ipods. Now it’s my turn.

If you already signed up through my link, take the time to go complete an offer. If you haven’t signed up, click on my link and sign up and complete an offer towards getting your own free ipod.

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  1. It would be easier for you to by your own than for a bunch of us to buy stuff we do not need so you can get an ipod. I would prefer to chip in for one for you.

  2. But that’s what I’m saying in my post – there are some things you can do the free trial for – I still get my iPod and no one has to pay for anything if they cancel before the free trial period is over.

  3. I tried to do free things but you still have to pay for shipping etc. I would rather give you the $8 for an ipod than spend it on something I do not want getting shipped to me!

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