The Wet Spot

Raise your hands if your roof has sprung a leak due to the constant rain over the past four days.

*Jaynee raises both hands*

That’s right. Our roof is leaking in the attic. :thud: Anyone know a ballpark figure of how much THAT’LL cost to replace/fix?

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  1. It depends ~ is it in the middle of the ceiling or where the wall meets the ceiling? It could be that you need new flashing. Might not be too big a deal. We had an issue with a leak and found out that there were nail holes from when the roof was installed ~ they used nails that were too long.

  2. Marmie, based on Denis’ description (I’ve not seen the actual leak), it comes from the top of one of the lights in our attic, streams down the heavily slanted ceiling and goes behind the panel into the area where the AC is. That’s where it then dripped down and created bubbles in the middle of our bedroom ceiling.

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