The Weekend Is Here!

Well, the week was pretty uneventful, but sped by.

CootieBoy managed to stay on blue all week (yay!) so we celebrated with homemade marshmallow milkshakes (as I predicted in the comments of my last post, he just wanted to have mini-marshmallows blended with some ice cream and milk). They are now kicking off the weekend with some video games.

I got an official “thanks but no thanks” from one of the companies I interviewed with last month. I know I could do that job, so I don’t know why I didn’t get an offer – but really, it could have been anything. Salary requirements? Over qualified? Being too boisterous and loud for an office that was deadly silent while I was there?

In other news, earlier this week I submitted my resume to another job at the same company that I interviewed with three months ago. Their corporate website allows you to track your resume as it goes through review, and last night I logged in and was happy to see that my resume was passed along to not one, but two managers. Meaning, one manager reviewed it and liked it enough to forward it on to the next manager. This position is of a lesser caliber than the first job to which I applied (the first one was WAY up on the food chain at this company – frankly, I was intimidated at the thought of getting that job), but the company continues to be a solid place to work, so I’m hopeful that I’ll hear from HR in the next week or two if the second manager likes my resume, too.

I’ve also decided to look into government work. I interned for Immigration and Naturalization Service during my college days (oh, the stories I could tell!) and wouldn’t mind going back. So I’ve completely revamped my resume to fit the Federal government type of resume that they like, and I updated my profile at OPM. I even submitted for a position in this area, but doubt I’ll pass review since my documentation isn’t totally up to Federal snuff (they have very stringent and specific application requirements). But at least it gets me in the mindset of submitting for government jobs.

Denis is in Atlanta – he left yesterday and comes back sometime Sunday afternoon. There’s some sort of big arts & crafts festival there this weekend that he’s going to try and visit on Sunday before driving back.

My plans with the kids this weekend are light – tonight I’ll be doing some last minute freelance stuff, hopefully some of my PT at-home work, and probably watch a movie. Tomorrow our neighborhood is having a pool party that we’ll attend for a few hours, and then if we have energy there is a Greek festival in Charlotte that we’ve gone to each year since we moved to the area. I hate to miss getting my annual plate of spanakopites, pastitsio and kourabiedes.

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