The Voting Has Begun

So far it’s a narrow victory for Denis, but his pumpkin pie is winning the Dessert Battle at my office. Those who preferred mine stressed the importance of “sticking to the norm” when it comes to Thanksgiving pumpkin pies. However, those who preferred Denis’ pie (which contains sugared pecans on top) said his was for those willing to try new things – one person going so far as to call his pie “sexy”. Only some of the votes are in so far, but Denis is up by one vote. But the afternoon isn’t over…

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  1. Sexy? Should we be worried about this person? *laugh*

    I’m a pumpkin pie purist – no extras like pecans. *ick* I vote for Jaynee’s by purist default.

  2. Another update: someone came up just now with a vote for my pie – thus putting us at a tie. Alas, I just found out there is no more of my pie left, so anyone that eats pie now will only have Denis’, and thus be ineligible to vote – thus, the competion ends IN A TIE! So it now stands at 2 wins for Denis, 2 wins for Jane, and 1 tie.

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