The Vacation, Part III

Okay, so The Second Saturday of our vacation was “The Wedding” day. Not the actual wedding, but the main activities involved Jen’s wedding.

In the morning was the bridesmaid dress fitting. Now, in this instance I ordered the dress myself and since I fell in between the two sizes I opted for the smaller size. I made a good decision. The dress, while a tad tight, was workable. The length was perfect, the flow was perfect, and while it was a little tight in the mid-waist area it wasn’t unbearable. The seamstress will still have to make two alterations – tighten one shoulder, and redo the zipper in the back. The reason for this second fix is that there was too much fabric, causing a bubbling affect on my backshelf. Rather than go for the eyehook fix that Jen and I proposed, Mom opted to have them actually CUT OUT the extra fabric and put in a new zipper. Thank God I’m not paying for it, since the seamstress said that was a really expensive fix. If I had been paying for it, it would have been eyehook city back there!!!

As for Jen’s dress, it’s lovely and totally suits her. It’s a strapless dress but because it’s a winter wedding she’s having them add on sleeves that match the bridesmaid dress sleeves. Very cool. She’s using my veil (something borrowed) and it’ll look great with her dress. The funniest part of the morning was when we were looking at the shoes in the store. Jen saw a pair of white beaded loafers and said, “Those are what I need!” She explained that she had been planning on wearing fuzzy slippers at her reception (she has a bad hip and will only be able to wear the heels during the actual ceremony). I told her she was nuts and that there was no way Mom would let her get them.

Cut to: Jen has me show Mom the shoes, to which she exclaims, “Those are great!”


I didn’t get to wear loafers at MY wedding…

Later that evening after LOAFing around the house all afternoon, I drove over to Joanie’s, the co-host of the bridal shower. Her house was lovely and her youngest daughter ALL GROWN UP. It’s scary that the last time I saw Casey she was probably three years old, and now she’s a sophomore in high school. Joanie was as hilarious as ever and had me laughing the entire time we prepped. She was very concerned about what my mother would think of the shower. I kept telling her, “It’s JEN’S shower, not my mother’s,” but Joanie was still very concerned that Mrs. R. see how very ‘Martha’ Joanie could be. Oh that Martha were more like Joanie…I’d like her a lot more.

Anyway, we had a great crowd show up. Only 5-6 people ended up being no-shows from those we thought were attending, and we got confirmation during the shower that at least 3 of those were sick. So all in all it was nice. Jen got lots of great loot from her friends, and I think everyone had a great time.

After the shower Joanie refused to let me help clean up, and Casey confirmed this by saying, “This is why she gave birth to me – so I could be her personal Cinderella,” which made me laugh. She has her mother’s wit, for sure.

On Sunday we woke up bright and early and threw our crap in the car and headed home in record time. Seriously – we trucked along at 75-80 mph, experiencing no traffic. We stopped for about 10 minutes for gas, coffee/hot chocolate and Burger King breakkies. We left close to 8 a.m. and made it home at about 11:30 a.m. Twenty minutes later the kids got home and we had a joyous reunion filled with hugs and kisses from CootieGirl and snot and crying from CootieBoy.

Next up: Florida in May 2006. Another sans-kids vacation – but this time only ONE DAY of driving anywhere. YAY!

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  1. I went for another fitting for the sleeves last night – getting closer. This time the actual seamstress was there and did the marking. And they said they’re going to double layer the chiffon for extra body and it will be less transparent. I’m excited at how great this is turning out.

    As for the loafers, they’re not really loafers. They’re more like a low-heeled mule – slipper like, but in satin with pretty beading. :w00t:

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